The Perfect Claim – LIVE Online


At Claims Class, we aim to support you through a variety of course formats. For the second time, we’ll be delivering our Perfect Claim course via live, interactive sessions, led by Andy Hewitt.

Join Andy Hewitt and Claims Class for live online learning.

Only $259 (early rate) for six weeks of specialist construction claims education. Starting 8th November 2023.

Group discounts: get up to 20% off for bookings of 5 or more places. Applied at checkout.

Engaging Content from the Comfort of Your Desk

Sign up today and prepare to learn everything needed to prepare a ‘perfect’ claim. This live course includes detailed examination of:

  • Module 1: The Case Study, Potential Claims and NoticesIntroducing the course case study. Understand how the Contractor has been affected and the link between cause & effect. Learn how to identify potential claims and check the contract for notice requirements / entitlement.
  • Module 2: Preparing the Claim and Delay Analyses – Understand the importance of good records & types of records needed. Learn how to create a timeline to assist with compiling a claim. Understand good practice when preparing a baseline programme & delay analysis. Correctly calculate an extension of time and understand ‘concurrent’ delay.
  • Module 3: Cost Calculations – Understand and identify what Costs may be claimed. Learn the correct principles of cost recovery. Appreciate how to prepare and present the Cost calculations.
  • Module 4: Compilation of and Preliminaries to the Claim – Four Key Points for an effective claim & how to comply with them. Preparing a claim submission to a professional standard. Understand how the “front matter” of the claim helps to bring clarity. Learn how it establishes the background before the details of the claim are presented.
  • Module 5: Cause and Effect, Additional Payment and Entitlement – Understand the purpose and essential elements of a claim. Types of event providing entitlement to make a claim. Prepare a narrative to clearly explain the cause of the claim. Understand the importance of linking cause with effect and summarise the narrative. Understand how simply presented and well-explained calculations will enhance your claim.
  • Module 6: Finalising the Claim – The importance of the Executive Summary and Statement of Claim. What should be included in these sections? Effective drafting. Learn to substantiate every statement, every fact relied on and each calculation. Understand how to ensure your claim is a stand-alone document. Learn how to organise and present all types of content.

What you get:

  • 6 modules delivered over 6 weeks
  • 10 CPD hours
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Join a like-minded group of students and progress through the course together
  • Live Q&A and interaction on each session

Terms & Conditions

Course Access

Once registered, students will receive a confirmation email with details of how the course will run and the dates/times for the weekly tutorial sessions. You will also receive access to a student account on the Claims Class platform. Recordings of the live webinars and associated course materials will be uploaded here each week, ready for students to access on demand.

Refund Policy

Claims Class does not offer refunds for this course but we will let you transfer the fees to another course if you wish. Where there is a difference in fees, we will either refund the surplus to you or ask for the balance.