FIDIC 2017 vs 1999: What’s Changed?


Join us, live online, with Certified FIDIC trainer, Andy Hewitt, for hands-on training where we’ll examine the key changes from the FIDIC 1999 Red, Yellow and Silver contracts to the latest 2017 editions.

Join Andy Hewitt and Claims Class, live, for hands-on practical learning.

Only $345 for six weeks of specialist education. Starting 12th October 2022.

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Sign up today and prepare to learn the key changes from the FIDIC 1999 contracts to the new 2017 editions. This live course will cover:

  • key generic changes between the 1999 and 2017 editions
  • the new and more rigorous obligations on the Parties and the Engineer
  • more “deeming” provisions for when the Parties or the Engineer fail to comply with obligations
  • the meaning of “no-objection”
  • the more stringent provisions for what comprises a Notice and what information Notices must contain
  • the increased requirements for the Parties and the Engineer to give Notice
  • the more rigorous programming requirements
  • the more prescriptive process for evaluating and agreeing Variations
  • the more onerous procedures for Employer’s and Contractor’s Claims
  • the change from Dispute Adjudication Boards to Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Boards
  • an examination of the individual clauses that have significantly changed

What you get:

  • 6 modules delivered over 6 weeks.
  • 10 CPD hours.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Join a like-minded group of students and progress through the course together.
  • Live Q&A and interaction on each session.
  • A solid understanding of the main changes in the FIDIC 2017 contracts vs the 1999 editions.

Terms & Conditions

Course Access

Once registered, students will receive a confirmation email with details of how the course will run and the dates/times for the weekly tutorial sessions. You will also receive access to a student account on the Claims Class platform. Recordings of the live webinars and associated course materials will be uploaded here each week, ready for students to access on demand.

Refund Policy

Claims Class does not offer refunds for this course but we will let you transfer the fees to another course if you wish. Where there is a difference in fees, we will either refund the surplus to you or ask for the balance.