Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course

C2M6 Responses, Determinations and Disputes

Every claim requires a response or determination. This module deals with effective ways of presenting responses to ensure that issues are resolved in a reasonable time and to ensure that disputes are prevented. It is important to be prepared if disputes do occur though, so we will also teach you about dispute procedures and practices.

C2M6V1 The Object of a Response or Determination. Presentation and Compilation.

C2M6V2 Things to be Considered. Procedure for Responses and Determinations.

C2M6V3 Arbitration. Disputes. Dispute Boards.

C2M6V4 Summary. Assignment. Additional Learning.

What’s next?

Now that you have completed Module 6, please download and complete the final assignment.

REMINDER: Please submit your assignment in Word format (not PDF or other file types).

We have also provided a course feedback form here. Please make sure that you submit a copy of the feedback form with your assignment.

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